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   is a site dedicated to helping the average driver improve their fuel economy and increase gas mileage. MPGEnhance focuses on providing you with the knowledge and tools to improve your own gas mileage at little or no cost to yourself. Our site is dedicated to providing both the science behind the methods of raising fuel economy and practical advice on saving gas through personal experience. Follow the links below to read about the best tips for improving gas mileage and how to use them.


Fuel Economy Tips                                                                    Horsepower Tips

1.    Bring your vehicle back to normal operating specifications                            1.  Aftermarket Air Filters

2.    Switch to synthetic motor oil of the proper low viscosity                               2.  High Flow Exhaust Systems

3.    Use synthetic transmission fluid                                                                    3.  Underdrive Pulley Systems

4.    Increase your tire pressure                                                                           4.  Change to Synthetic Fluids

5.    Reduce highway cruising speed                                                                    5.  Reduce Driveline Weight

6.    Alter city driving habits                                                                                 6.  Lower Gross Vehicle Weight

7.    Eliminate excessive idling                                                                              7.  Supercharger

8.    Service your fuel injectors                                                                             8.  Turbocharger

9.    Add a Performance Exhaust                                                                          9.  Nitrous

10.  Get an all wheel alignment                                                                             10. Computer Tuning

11.  Reduce Excessive Weight                                                                             11. Ceramic Coatings

12.  Underdrive Pulleys                                                                                        Fuel Economy Myths

13.  Faulty Oxygen Sensor                                                                                   1.  Ethanol

14.  Aerodynamic Drag                                                                                        2.  Higher Octane Gas

15.  Faulty Spark Plugs                                                                                        3.  Pump Gas Early in the Morning

16.  Manual Transmission                                                                   Other Ways to Save Money on Cars

17.  Dirty Air Filter                                                                                               1. Auto Insurance

18.  Lighten Driveline Components                                                                        2. Auto Insurance 2

19.  Rear End Gears                                                                                             3. Ways to Find Low Cost Auto Insurance

20.  PCV Valve                                                                                                    4.  Auto Insurance Coverage Definitions

21.  EGR Valve                                                                                                    5. Auto Insurance Coverage Definitions (cont'd)

22.  Summer Performance Tires                                                                            12. Lightweight Rotors

23.  Smart Car                                                                                                     13. Diesel Truck Power Programmer

24.  Hybrid Car                                                                                                    14. Lighter Rims Horsepower

25.  Electric Vehicle

26.  Small Engine Size

27.  Diesel Programmers Gas Mileage

28.  Mass Air Flow Sensor Fuel Economy

29.  Save Gas Money Pay with Cash at Pump

30.  Find Cheaper Gas Stations

31.  European Car Fiat Gas Mileage

32.  Change Driving Commute Time Save Gas

33.  Tractor Trailer Aerodynamic Tails

34.  Carpool Lane Save Gas

35.  Car Pools Save Gas Carpooling